Francesco Cusumano

Already in my earliest childhood, paint and paper were my favourite "toys", and my passion for painting has continued to grow over the years.

At the beginning I painted figuratively and learned from the ground up how to look at the light/shadow games, the proportions and perspectives exactly and how to put them into practice. But soon the pure depiction of "reality" was too limited for me: I wanted to give shape to my feelings.

The turn to abstract painting opened up my very personal world of images to me. On this path, I was accompanied by the examination of the works of Hans Falk and Sam Francis and, above all, the painting lessons I was allowed to enjoy with Hans Ruedi Sieber.

Today I work exclusively in acrylic mixing technique, and painting has become one of the main contents of my life. In 2005 I became a member of the Zurich Artists' Association.

Work of art


Year Title
2012 Visit of the Academy of Fine Arts Augsburg – D
2011 Representation at the Gallery Süess- Dierikon- Switzerland
2002 Step into the future: Studio and business premises are redesigned and the company is renamed «Quadro Bild + Rahmen». The team now consists of four frame specialists.
1991 Acquisition of “A. Temperli Einrahmungen & Kunsthandlung” and continuation of business activities under the name “Temperli Art”.
1979 Basic training as a frame artist and gilder in Carini’s framing shop
1964 born in Carini, near Palermo

Since early youth passionate draughtsman and painter with great interest in art history and architecture.

Me and the colors are one: My video

Me and my soul in color: my video

A journey into my painting – Cusumano Artist